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  • The Greatest Secret of All:



    128 pages


    The Greatest Secret of All:

    Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived

    by Marc Allen

    What is The Greatest Secret of All? The "secret of attraction" — the law of manifestation — is wonderful to know, but a great many who have discovered this "secret" still lead miserable lives.

    The Greatest Secret of All clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing what is far more important in life — a life of happiness, inner peace, ease, and fulfillment, where we contribute in some creative way to making the world a better place for all.

    Marc’s unique approach to success and fulfillment is inspiring. In The Greatest Secret of All, he explains that the ultimate secret to a life of fulfillment is something we need to discover for ourselves, in our own words, and that it will include more than material gain.
    – Shakti Gawain, bestselling author of Creative Visualization and Living in the Light