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Brazil Hope Foundation Brings Hope

A Letter From Marc Allen

Dear Friends,

Children all over the world need our help. We've found good ways to really help improve a bad situation is in Brazil, my wife's birthplace. The situation in Brazil is devastating. Thousands of children are living on the city streets, with no parents or homes or means of support. They are forced to fend for themselves in the worst parts of the urban areas.

Most of the people in these cities have little compassion or love for these children, and give them no support at all. The children are often viewed as thieves or a nuisance or worse.

We created the Brazil Hope Foundation (BHF) to help these children and bring hope to their lives. BHF helps these children receive food, clothing, bathing, medical treatment, and counseling for HIV prevention and sex education. Best of all, they are supported and cared for so that they can be healthy, stay safe, continue their education, and have a future they deserve. We hope you will join us in making a difference.

With hope and gratitude,

Marc's signature

Brazil Hope Foundation In Action

The Foundation is supported and administered by Marc Allen and his wife, Aurilene Nogueira Donicht. Marc is president and publisher of New World Library in Novato, California. Aurilene oversees the Foundation and manages the operations. Marc and Aurilene cover all expenses and overhead for the Foundation, so that 100% of the contributions received go to directly to the children in need.

BHF helps finance the work of the Uerê Project in Rio de Janeiro, directed by Yvonne de Mello and Luciana Martha. This project supports almost 430 kids living on the streets; many of them are homeless or runaway youth at risk. They are fed and clothed, taught to read and write, and learn drug prevention and sex education through art therapy.

Marc with his wife Aurilene and their son Kai

Marc with his wife Aurilene and their son Kai

BHF also supports the Casa de Apoio Project, directed by Sandra Nóbrega and Marilia Sant’Anna. They provide care for over 60 families with children who have cancer. They provide counseling, medicine, therapy, assistance going to cultural events, and, perhaps most important, education to the population at large, because the majority of the population still shuns those with cancer.

BHF also sends clothing, school materials, and toys to children in the impoverished areas in Northeast Brazil.

Your Contributions

100% of your donations go directly to Brazil to help the children. The Brazil Hope Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Donate today!

The People of Brazil Hope Foundation

In addition to covering the expenses and overhead of the Foundation, Marc and Aurilene contribute regularly to the Foundation personally as well as through a corporate matching fund program. Other corporate contributors include New World Library, Applied Materials, Inc., and the San Francisco Foundation.

We thank you - and all the people we support in Brazil thank you as well! Your donations make a great difference in many young people's lives.


Brazil Hope Foundation