Upcoming Live Seminar Series:

The Magical Path
Live Seminar Series
With Marc Allen

Four Life-changing Saturdays
 June 8 • 15 • 22 • 29

The magical path is a short path, one that reaches its destination quickly.

Is there a dream calling you, one that urges you to waste no time? What wakes you in the middle of the night, asking for your undivided attention? What occupies your thoughts in the space between the activities of your day? Are you dreaming of…

•    a new career or your own business
•    financial abundance and ease
•    a creative project (a book, screenplay, song, or other creative work)
•    a healthy and energetic body
•    a love life that inspires and moves you
•    a solution to a problem, whether personal or global

Or maybe your dream is to know your own purpose and to live it without hesitation.


Discover the magical path to your greatest success with the guidance of a mystic millionaire.

Here in the Bay Area, we have access to a true treasure — a man who walks the talk of success, building a life of ease, happiness, and fulfillment. Marc Allen is the cofounder and publisher of one of the most successful independent publishing companies in the country, New World Library. Shepherding some of the most influential non-fiction books of the past 30 years, including The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Marc’s visionary way of living is outlined in The Magical Path — the book that forms the basis of this seminar series.        

In an atmosphere of fun, inspiration, and extraordinary possibilities, learn the tools and steps that can swiftly lead to tangible outcomes in the most important areas of your life:

June 8 Creating the Life of Your Dreams—dare to imagine it, dare to live it!
June 15 Mastering Time and Money—move beyond obstacles to effortless manifestation
June 22 Reinventing Your Relationships—make every relationship a win-win partnership
June 29 Opening to Your True Calling—work as a spiritual path at every stage of life

No matter what breakthroughs you desire, it comes down to this…

What is the best thing that could happen next in your life?
Whatever that is, get excited — because you have the power to fulfill it.


Dates—Four Saturdays:  June 8, 15, 22 & 29

Seminar Hours1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (a Marc Allen-style daylong)

Location:  New World Library, 14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949

Registration Options:  Join us for all four sessions or select from the series.

•    Full 4-week series:    $599        
•    3 sessions:                $525               
•    2 sessions:                $399               
•    1 session:                 $225       

Special gift:   Included in your registration is a limited edition, signed hardcover copy of the book The Magical Path: Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All  (normally sells for $50.00)

To Register: 

The Magical Path Live Seminar Series

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                      or call 415-488-5429

Four Weeks of Magic and Miracles

Each seminar takes place at New World Library in Novato and is led by Marc Allen. Throughout each of the four sessions, Marc will share many powerful forms of magic — including visualization, meditation, affirmations, prayer, mantras, chants, magical formulas, positive thinking, and even strategic planning. For the purposes of attracting abundance, resolving problems, healing in body, mind, and spirit, and awakening to a new vision for living, they all work. Each seminar will be an opportunity to learn and practice these magical tools and approaches and to hear miracle stories of those who have transformed key areas of their lives through utilizing these methods.

Saturday, June 8
Creating the Life of Your Dreams
Dare to imagine it, dare to live it!
Everything anyone has ever created first began with a dream. And then an act of courage.

During what will be a revelatory and exciting afternoon, begin to clarify the dream you have for your life — and the specific acts of courage that will bring it to fruition.

Sharing the precise steps and practices he has used to create a life of financial wealth, inner peace, and fulfilling love, Marc will show you how to create your dream life too. Even more, he will inspire you to dare to dream of the life you want to live ideally. Having overcome periods of depression, unemployment, and poverty in his early years, Marc’s personal story of transformation is proof that we are all born with the tools of magical creation in great abundance, for these tools are simply our dreams and our imagination. With specific, step-by-step guidance, Marc demonstrates how the magical approach to creating your dream life is one of ease. It involves finding the simple key — the brief, powerful, effective thing to do — that resolves problems quickly and makes life far more enjoyable, almost immediately.

Saturday, June 15
Mastering Time and Money
Move beyond obstacles to effortless manifestation

This afternoon with Marc is an extraordinary opportunity to forever change your relationship with two of our most precious resources for creating the life of our dreams: time and money.

In the span of five short hours, get to the root of the problems and obstacles you may be facing with time and money, learn powerful tools for attracting abundance, and make time your new best friend. Find out how other people have magically transformed their finances and the flow of time with Marc’s guidance. Learn the “Core Belief Process” that will allow you to shift your underlying beliefs — and come to a mastery of time and money that can permanently alter your life for the better. 

Saturday, June 22
Reinventing Your Relationships
Make every relationship a win-win partnership

A key to enlightenment is knowing that we are here to love and serve everyone, including ourselves, to help us all realize our dreams. In other words, it’s all about relationship. In this inspiring and moving session, learn the steps and tools for making all of your relationships magical — your relationships with your family, friends, work colleagues, community, nature, and spirit.

In a day to remember, Marc illuminates how the solution to all of our problems is found as we learn to work together in partnership, with love and respect for one another and for the earth. In fact, it is the magical key to success in the outer world and deep happiness within. By the end of this day, you will have a new vision of yourself in all of your relationships. 

Saturday, June 29
Opening to Your True Calling
Work as a spiritual path at every stage of life

The Latin word for vocation is vocatio, which means a summons or a call. Centuries ago, the word vocation was used to refer to the call by the Divine to the individual, a summoning of our unique gifts and talents for a specific purpose. This profoundly inspiring seminar is dedicated to uncovering and clarifying your true calling. Whether you are 20 years old or 80 years old makes no difference. Either way, the facts remain: You have important work to do, and your magic is needed in the world. Within your own heart, you already know the next steps to take to live your purpose every day and to continue your Great Work for the rest of your life. With Marc’s masterful guidance, you will have an opportunity to bring those steps fully to light.

By the time you come to the culmination point of this four-part seminar series, you will be firmly placed on your magical path toward outer and inner success… and already watching the miracles unfold in your life.

We will never understand the forces of creation.
But we can set them in motion—
and then sit back in wonder at the mystery and majesty of it all.

— From The Magical Path