The Art and Craft of Writing

A 6-Week Live Training with Marc Allen & Kent Nerburn

Program Start Date: February 28th 2019.

Are you a writer? Or dream of being one?

“The Art and Craft of Writing,” a six-week online seminar with New World Library founder Marc Allen and bestselling author Kent Nerburn could change your life.

Marc and Kent will give you the all the tools you need to take your creativity and writing to the next level — whether you’re a beginning writer or a published writer looking to become a master of your art and craft!

This Exclusive Group and Personal Coaching Program Starts February 28th 2019.

Join the waitlist, and you’ll get all the details.

Join the waitlist, and you’ll get all the details.

The Magical Path: May 18 - June 9 2019


This three-week online workshop is for anyone who wants harness the powers of creation inherent in the human mind to chart a new course in life.

ONLINE WITH MARC ALLEN & the monroe institute's online course on the power of intention

Create the Life You've Always Wanted

Another powerful collaboration between Marc and 

In four audio sessions, Marc present a life-changing philosophy and provides the tools to put it into action . . . showing the way to succeed‚ brilliantly at doing what you love to do with ease, fun, and peace in ample supply. 

Visionary Business Master Course

Marc Allen in collaboration with . . . an entrepreneur's audio success blueprint 

We and the team at the are proud to announce the release of the Visionary Business master course, an0 8-week audio program where you will delve deeply into the spiritual art of business with publishing industry leader and self-made millionaire, Marc Allen.