You want to be successful in life

but you fear it will be too hard and stressful

to reach your goals.

You have great ideas, a business or career, 
or perhaps a book to write...

but it's a challenge to take the actions

create the life of your dreams....

It's time to unlock the power of...

Success with Ease

I’m Marc Allen, Publisher and CEO of
New World Library...

As I slowly discovered the material that I share through this website,
my life changed completely. 

My promise to you, if you choose to take this journey with me,
is to share the essence of what I know
and the simple practices I have used so that you too can 
achieve your wildest dreams... with Ease!

My twenties had been marked by
struggle and poverty.

I felt a nearly constant level of
anxiety and periods of depression.

By the time I was in my mid- to late-thirties, however,
life had become an adventure, filled with discovery.

I began to use the tools that I share with you here —
the gifts from a great many generous mentors, teachers, authors, and others.

I am filled with a sense of gratitude for the abundant life
I've have created since this picture was taken.

I do what I Iove to do...

In an easy and relaxed manner, 

healthy and positive way.

The best part of the adventure is that I've found ways to pass the discoveries onto others.

This journey started over 40 years ago, in the kitchen of a small apartment in Oakland, California, Shakti Gawain and I started a little company called Whatever Publishing to put a few books out that we'd written. ​

It was a shoestring operation.

We had no capital and very little business experience,
but after each small step we took, the next became obvious.

Our first year of sales was $800.

It was a beginning.

We were artists and spiritual seekers.
We had a dream of building a company that would make a positive difference in the world by sharing spiritual and psychological wisdom.

And then Shakti wrote 

Creative Visualization in 1978.

It was our company's 4th book and it started selling like crazy by word of mouth. And then Oprah discovered it.

Fast forward... it has sold more than 7 million copies, has been translated into more than 30 foreign editions and continues to be a best-selling book until this day... 40+ years later.

Today, New World Library...

owns its own spacious building in Novato, California,
has 18 employees, and generates an 8-figure income.

The ultimate goal of the company is a sweeping one:
personal and planetary transformation
awakening both individual consciousness

and global social potential.

We publish material that shows us how to 

create far better lives for ourselves 
and a world that works for all.

The best thing about the business is...

The large amount of mail and email we’ve received over the years from people who've been deeply affected by our publications.

All I need to know is that I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life — that makes it all worthwhile.

And now it's your turn...

Within this space is an adventure

you design yourself, 

to learn how to 

plan your own course  and create 

Success with Ease.

Are you ready?

Make Your Success A Reality... with Ease
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Inspiring Interviews & Conversations

Gain guidance and inspiration here on a wide range of topics as you create your path to success.

Whether you're interested in Success with Ease, 
Visionary Business, Writing & Publishing, or all of the above,

I've prepared and will continue to prepare all kinds of goodies for you
that you might really enjoy.

I'm so thrilled to have met you on this incredible journey called life.

Stay connected and if you ever have any questions or comments,

never hesitate to reach out to me at marc@marcallenteachings.com.