Conscious Manifestation

Did you participate in the recent 5-video workshop, or the 90-minute webinar with Eckhart Tolle?

Many of you have been asking about Eckhart’s new online program, Conscious Manifestation, so I wanted to let you know his enrollment has officially opened!

The program is an 8-week online deep dive into the process of conscious creation.

In this course you'll learn how to create from the depths of Being, empowered by the creative intelligence of the universe.

One of the keys to conscious manifestation is to be anchored in “Presence” -- the feeling of “I am” and our only true source of fulfillment. When we are connected with Presence, we create from a place of joy, appreciation, and sufficiency.

Conscious Manifestation differs from manifesting from the ego in some very important ways:

  • When we manifest from ego, we tend to have a feeling of lack and scarcity. With conscious manifestation, we create from a feeling of abundance, rooted in the fullness and richness of the present moment (Eckhart describes this as being “in touch with the Gold”).
  • When we manifest from ego, we tend to ask “How can I get what I want?” With conscious manifestation, we ask “What does the universe want from me?”
  • When we manifest from ego, we rely on our personal willpower. With conscious manifestation, we are able to rely on the power of universal intelligence.
  • When we manifest from ego, we often have negative thoughts and doubts when we encounter obstacles. With conscious manifestation, when we encounter obstacles, we look at situations wisely and see what’s possible.

(Enrollment Open for a Limited Time)

The universe loves to create. When we learn how to consciously manifest,
we become vehicles of creative intelligence. 

Sign Up & Reserve Your Spot for Eckhart's

Conscious Manifestation Course Now

This course begins October 14, 2019 & will include:

  • Conscious Manifestation Video Course: 8-Weeks of Unprecedented Manifestation Training with Eckhart Tolle 
  • Guided Manifestation Meditations and Practices: Spiritual Practices Designed Specifically for Manifestation 
  • Two Q&A Sessions: Special Private Q&A&Webinars with Eckhart Tolle 
  • VIP Membership Portal: Private Access to All Conscious Manifestation Content

I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s work & hope you enjoy this course!

(Enrollment Open for a Limited Time)

P.S. I hope you take Eckhart up on this wonderful 8-week journey (beginning October 14, 2019) into conscious creation and self growth.

Eckhart has designed each module in the course to teach you how to...

  • Understand the relationship between manifestation and fulfilling your true purpose
  • Allow universal intelligence to express and create through you to be of highest service in the world
  • Identify and remove any obstacles that may block you from creating from a state of pure consciousness

(Enrollment Open for a Limited Time)

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