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Energy Balancing:

Using Intuition to Achieve Greater Mental, Emotional
and Physical Health… And a Whole Lot More Productivity 

A Special Webinar Series and Conversation with
Marie Manuchehri
An Internationally Renowned

Energy Intuitive
Trevor Blake
Bestselling Author of Three Simple Steps a
nd Secrets to a Successful Startup

A special invitation…
Open your mind to your own potential in the field of energy

Deepen Your Connection and Intuition

We all have the capacity to heal ourselves, but most of us don’t know how to start.

In this unique series, Marie will share valuable teachings and insight to help you do exactly that.

Energy healing or balancing is not just for people with health issues (or who have been misdiagnosed, as I have been more than once).

There are benefits for anyone.

Personally, I get what I call an ‘energy tuneup’ on an annual basis. In every case, I leave these sessions feeling more productive and capable of actually taking flight.

Whether you’re looking for answers in your relationships, business, health, money and finances
or something else…

Your energy is the place to begin.

This is what Science + Magic is about: Energy.

And there are things you can do to raise your vibration and become more receptive to connection.

On her radio show, Marie fields questions and reads people’s energy on the spot —
which she’ll do here, as well.

(Her normal rates are $300/$415 an hour, so this is a great opportunity to ask a question.)

I love that she doesn't hold back and is able to read everyone without fear.

Understanding and accessing energy is a tool of practical magic…

It will help you now… and in the coming months and years.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of deepening your intuition
  • When someone’s energy is a jumble of knots from years of stress and fear, what does it look and feel like (and how does it look after they’re unraveled)?
  • What are the benefits for people who do not have a diagnosed or even misdiagnosed illness?
  • Is there a difference in an energy healer and energy intuitive?
  • How you can use this information as an entrepreneur
  • What can you start today that will positively impact their energy balance tomorrow?
  • What role does meditation play?
  • What are the differences or similarities in a ‘medium’ and other forms of energy reading (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.)?
  • Examples/stories that explain the simplicity and power of being able to cross through dimensions
  • Does everyone have these gifts?
  • How can someone develop, enhance or use these kinds of gifts?
  • What people can do to raise their vibration so that they are more receptive to connection?
  • What is the process at work in energy healing?

Join Trevor Blake and Marie Manuchehri
for a Special Webinar Series and Conversation

And find out ways to allow a more joyful, flowing and creative energy

What people are saying about Marie and Trevor:

“After the call with Marie, and knowing that I am very empathetic by nature, I purchased her course "Embracing Your Empathic Nature". A real eye-opener! It answered some questions about myself I had always wondered about. Thanks Trevor for introducing us to Marie!”

“AMAZING session today Trevor Blake - Marie Menuchehri was incredible!!! I can't wait to see who will be the next guest. Our monthly coaching calls are must attend events!!”

“Mind blowing. Truly transformational.
I can't thank you enough for introducing her to us.”


“She was amazing. I loved her energy and was grinning all the way through. Infectious! I think joy must be the true elixir of youth as she glows. What she said about not being able to connect with lost ones makes so much sense for me.

“Great session. I’ve worked with energy intuitives regularly since early 90’s. Highly recommend.” Cynthia

“Superb session, many thanks to Trevor, Marie and the team. My energy feels like it's had vapour rub or a decongestant. Looking forward to watching again. Transformation is my companion through my dissertation.”

Live 3-Part Series With:

Trevor Blake
Bestselling Author of Three Simple
Steps and Secrets to a Successful Startup

Trevor is a pragmatic serial entrepreneur who found a way out of poverty to build five successful companies valued at half a billion dollars. His methods are revealed in his NYT bestseller Three Simple Steps. His recent book Secrets to a Successful Start-up: A Recession Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving, and Thriving in Your Own Venture is timed to help people navigate through these transformative times and take advantage of the many opportunities that reveal themselves during times of change with a unique approach and business structure matching transformation with financial independence.

Marie Manuchehri
An Internationally Renowned Energy Intuitive

Marie Manuchehri, R.N. is an internationally known intuitive healer, speaker, author and teacher whois the perfect bridge between conventional and holistic medicine. Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, heal their wounds and emerge into expanded consciousness. In addition to her private practice, Marie offers workshops and retreats and hosts a popular radio show…Where Energy and Medicine Meet. Marie is the author of two books, Intuitive Self-Healing, and How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides, released by Sounds True.

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