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How to Re-Ignite those “Someday Dreams” and Make Them Happen Now



I'm excited to share the following blog post by Sandy Peckinpah, who is going to be facilitating our upcoming writer's webinar, Writing for Your Life.

You can learn more about Sandy and this wonderful event here.

Definition: Someday Dream- a dream or desire that is constantly shoved into an indefinite future, and may or may not come true, depending on the dreamer’s motivation.

You’re given a life on this planet to create a masterpiece.

Your life is your masterpiece.

When you get to the second act, you might start to wonder if you’re fulfilling all of your destiny. You might find yourself routinely saying things like….

“Someday, I want to travel.” “Someday, I want to find my soul mate.” “Someday, I want to write a book.” “Someday…”

It’s easy to trick your brain into believing that someday might happen in the future, but what part of the future?

It’s a way of avoiding any real commitment. It teases and taunts the desire in you but holds your momentum hostage.

Years ago, I wrote in my journal that I had the desire to travel to France with my true love, where I could spend days, weeks, immersed in the culture, enjoying the food and wine… and writing.

At the time, I didn’t know who “my love” would be or any of the details.

But, I discovered my journal knew something I didn’t… that writing puts thoughts in motion.

Stay tuned; there is an ending to this story.

Writing is the way your creative mind speaks to you

It’s a resource for those magical thoughts to take root because once you release them onto the page, you’ve given the universe clues as to what you’d like to happen next.

All things were once thoughts, even the chair you’re sitting in, the laptop you’re working from, and the Starbucks you’re about to sip.

Your thoughts matter, your life matters. Your life is your masterpiece, and there is still work to be done!

Your thoughts create your reality.

As you first sit down with your journal, it might feel awkward. What do I write about? Remember, it’s just you and your journal. No one is grading you. Just breathe and write one thing:

“I am present and listening. I’ve always wanted to _________, and today I begin.”

Then, continue writing. The flow will take over at some point, and you’ll be surprised when you look back on it. You might even ask, “did I really write this?”

That’s the magic of this type of writing. You’ll constantly wonder where it came from. Is it the Universe? Your muse? God? It might seem strange at first, and then you’ll get to know that other voice in your head.

The quality of your writing doesn’t matter. It’s stirring the energy and signals you, “something’s up, listen to what I have to say.”

Consider this example… If your someday dream is to create a book, write this:

“I’ve always wanted to write a book, and today I begin.”

It will send a message to start the action. Now your brain is asking and answering questions, perhaps like this:

Why do you want to write your story? Because my story can help other people who are going through it, too.

What do you want people to know? I want them to know that my triumph is their triumph. That healing (or success, or joy) is possible.

Keep writing! You’ve just started the premise for your someday dream to come alive. It’s now luring you to infuse energy into making it happen.

This exercise works for big or small dreams. Imagine what it is you want… from career changes to taking up pottery, or running a marathon. All dreams begin with planting a seed.

What you’re capable of now might surprise you

In the iconic 1910 classic, The Science of Getting Rich, author Wallace D. Wattles wrote about the principles of success and manifestation. He says that thoughts become things because of the energy and focus we give them.

“Form your clear mental vision of what you want and begin to act with faith and purpose.”- Wallace D Wattles

The principles haven’t changed after all these years because it still works. The key here is “acting with faith and purpose.” It’s often the missing component when people say, I tried visualization, but it didn’t work for me.”

Faith and purpose are essential to us fulfilling our destiny, and to do this effectively, we must have a tool for creating this mental vision.

Writing is one of the best tools for transformation and elevating our dreams to fruition.

People ask, but how does that work? It works because once you’ve sent the message from your brain to the written page, you’ll begin to pay attention. Your desire is alive and calling out to you. You begin to infuse it with faith and purpose, and then you take little first steps to make it happen.

Here’s proof

In Pam Grout’s NY Times bestselling book, E2, she says,

“quantum physics defines the field as “invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm.”

The field of potentiality becomes very real and affects everything you do, see, and feel.

She offers the car experiment as proof. Once a new car or model enters your sphere of awareness, you suddenly notice it everywhere. Try it!

Pick a car, then start noticing how often you see it on the street. Get specific with a make, model, and color. For 3 days, keep track of how often you see the car. It’s now in your sphere of awareness!

I tried it… and yes, it shifted my awareness… and I ended up buying the car.

Yes, the experiment came at the perfect time because I needed a new car, but this was mental proof that what you focus on can become real.

Once you grasp that concept, you’re ready to take command of your thoughts, send out the demand to the universe, and act on it.

You begin to see yourself with the ability to change your circumstances, your career, your love life, your life’s purpose!

Sometimes our darkest hours trigger our greatest purpose

Let me tell you another personal story… this one is sad, but I know everyone has had something happen that forced a change. Sometimes those abrupt life changes are devastating beyond measure… mine was.

One day my oldest son woke up with a fever. The doctor diagnosed it as the flu, but the next day he died. At just 16 years old, he went from life to death in less than 24 hours from a deadly form of meningitis.

I didn’t know if I could go on.

But on that same day, a friend who’d lost a child brought me a book written by another bereaved mother. That book was my lifeline. It was the reason I could get up in the morning. It encouraged me to start writing in a journal.

I vowed, if I could heal from this, I would write my own brave story of recovery…

But that dream was stuck in someday status for years. I often thought about it but kept putting it off for a number of reasons.

It was a dream I’d promised to fulfill with deeper meaning than you could ever imagine. My son’s life meant something. It was his legacy, and yet, I just couldn’t write it.

So often, people say that visualization doesn’t work, but what if you consider the reasons why?

In E2, Pam says, “the conscious mind was designed for just two things-to identify problems and formulate goals.” As soon as the conscious mind defines the problem or sets the intention, the inner chatter begins. “It judges, distorts reality, and causes unnecessary emotional distress.”

Therein lies the most significant reason a dream gets stuck in the someday category. Your mind finds all the reasons you can’t or won’t do it!

Mine was fear.

I was a capable writer. I’d had two successful books before my son died, but this was different.

I was afraid of all the emotions that would arise in the process of writing. Would it ignite deep grieving? Would I feel the intensity of pain as though it just happened? Would it be too hard to relive all that we, as a family, went through?

Losing a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. How could I live it all over again?

I returned to my journal and asked for help…

And just like that, my inner guidance told me how to do it. Not as a memoir, but as a guide to helping other parents struggling with grief. I was even given the title of the book… How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen, A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Loss of a Child.

And today, that book really IS helping parents and was recently translated and published by the largest publisher in China. Again, the focus was not on telling my story, but helping other parents, like me, survive the loss of a child.

Tap into that inner gem…

Now I’d like to bring this full circle and motivate you to look to your inner guidance. It’s the gem of connection to who you are… and who you’re becoming. It offers the roadmap to your next steps.

Set aside time in your day to sit with your thoughts and write. You’re activating your heart’s desires and planting the seeds that for so long are ready to come alive.

I make a whole ritual around it. I do the “woo” with candles and soft music, closing off the outside world (shutting down the computer and phone)… and I listen.

Write whatever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t feel like it makes sense. Soon it will.

So… That dream I shared in the beginning?

I wrote in my journal: I am in France with my true love, where I am immersed in the culture, enjoying the food and wine… and writing.

Here I am… with my laptop and my manifesting machine (my brain), sitting in the garden at the Chateau Talaud in Provence.

It was a beautiful afternoon, the French chateau surrounded by vineyards … and my true love sits nearby in the rose garden, taking this photo.

Dreams do come true…

Now it’s your turn to write them down, listen to your inner guidance, and take action. You won’t believe what happens next! If you'd like some guidance, I hope you'll join me for Writing for Your Life, a 3-hour writer's webinar on May 6. Get all the details right here!

Best wishes,


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