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I have a Question for you:
What Dreams Will You Create?

On The Magical Path

Is Magic Real?

Absolutely. Most people use different names for it. Business people call it strategic planning.
The scientifically inclined call it physics or chemistry.

You can call it creative visualization, or even “intelligent design.”

Essentially, it’s the art of creating something out of nothing — call it what you will.

Is Learning Magic For You?

Walking the Magical Path will work for anyone who applies it consciously.

What you’ll find is that it’s a short path...
a direct path to success as you choose to define it. 

This makes it especially appealing and useful for a great many people,
including artists, young people, old people, the overworked,
underpaid, overwhelmed, or hopelessly lazy.

These are tried and true techniques that can have results

that manifest very quickly.

Going through my simple magical practices 
can have immediately positive effects
on your health…  and it can also be used to attract more money into your life.

Are you longing for a deeper, richer experience of your vast, magical inner world,
a more meaningful and joyous dance with life, a pathway to realizing your wildest dreams with... ease?

Are You Ready For REAL Magic?
On the Magical Path you’ll learn the methods by which the dynamic nature of your
subconscious can be stimulated and transformed into a powerful magnet...
attracting to yourself whatever you truly desire or is necessary to your welfare.

Hello, I’m Marc Allen. 

Founder and publisher of New World Library. Over the past 40 years, I’ve published close to 1,000 titles, and have had the privilege of publishing some of the best-loved authors in the world — authors like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, and SARK.

I wasn’t always successful, though. The first half of my life I struggled with poverty and ongoing anxiety, feeling that something was wrong with me, and something was wrong with the world.

It wasn’t until after 10 years of searching that I was able to discover and finally apply the tools you’ll learn in this program… tools that worked in my life to transform it from one of anxiety and total poverty to my present day.

What did I do to make this change?

That question – and answer – was my inspiration to write The Magical Path and, now, to offer a way to guide you along that path — On the Magical Path. 

The Magical Path connects us with the natural processes of creation,
processes that we can immediately set in motion and
use consciously to transform our lives.

It’s a way to work with the intelligence of the universe and to discover that
it’s on your side, nudging you, helping you, loving and giving to you.

There’s nothing to struggle, fight or resist.

It’s a way to step into the abundant flow of your life and allow your dreams to manifest  

in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way,
in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.

But knowing the tools is not enough… you must apply them.

And as soon as you do, you’ll need a way to get through the doubts and fears
that inevitably arise — the very things that have stopped you from
living the life of your dreams… until now.

In this program, you’ll work with the ideas and tools of The Magical Path… using them with my ongoing support and an incredible community of
like-minded souls
to create what your heart desires.

There’s nothing you have to come to believe.
There’s no leap of faith you need to make.

You just have to begin the journey by taking one small step at a time.
In a short time, you’ll start seeing some truly magical results in your life.

On the Magical Path will give you everything I wish I would have gotten years ago — simple yet powerful things that have really transformed my life from
poverty to wealth and, more importantly, from anxiety to real inner peace.

This is a journey in real magic where you will Learn:

  • Dream, Imagine, Create — The Power of the Worlds Within Us
  • Affirming the Dream — The Power of the Spoken Word
  • Realizing the Dream — The Power of the Written Word
  • Magic in a Nutshell — The Art of True Healing
  • The Prayer of Protection, Magical Circles, and Pyramids
  • Mastering Time and Money with the Core Belief Process
  • Prayer and Mantra Throughout the Day
  • Magical Relationships
  • You Are the Tree of Life
  • Omnipotence and Eternity (and Other Great Things)
  • The Mystical and Spiritual Side of Success
  • Creating a World that Works for All

What You Will Receive When Sign Up For On the Magical Path:

  • Teacher-guided online workshop, ongoing, monthly
  • Step-by-step instructions (via LIVE streaming video twice per month)
  • New material released each month
  • Ongoing exercises, and Guided Meditations
  • TWO Guidance Sessions with Marc Allen every month
  • Ten+ downloadable guided meditations and exercises
  • ONCE per month Coaching & Mentoring Call with Marc where you can ask him any questions you have
  • Continuous personal support and individual advice from Marc Allen via the online workshop forum


Your Magical Path Membership comes with the following bonuses Valued at over $300


The Greatest Secret Of All Ebook

The Law of Attraction - how to use the mental and physical abilities we were born with to create wealth and success - is wonderful to know, but many who have discovered this 'secret' still lead miserable lives. This little book clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing how to create what is truly important in life - happiness, fulfillment, inner peace, and making the world a better place for all.


Stress Reduction & Creative Audio Meditations

On Track One, Allen's soothing voice combines with quietly inspiring background music to gently guide the listener through complete physical relaxation, a vital first step toward stress reduction. The creative meditations on Track Two allow the listener to accomplish inner work on health, abundance, financial success, fulfilling relationships with others, and attainment of life purpose.

On Track One, Allen's soothing voice combines with quietly inspiring background music to gently guide the listener through complete physical relaxation, a vital first step toward stress reduction. The creative meditations on Track Two allow the listener to accomplish inner work on health, abundance, financial success, fulfilling relationships with others, and attainment of life purpose.


The First Goal: Enlightenment & Healing Audio

What's your First Goal? Allow this audio to guide you to figuring out what your most essential and enlightening goal truly is.

Marc will help you realize what's most important, now and forever. Be guided to a whole new and different level... a more essential level of beingness. Unlock the key to peace and serenity.


Morning Meditation Audio

Every moment is a magical creation, but there is an especially brilliant, creative energy in the morning. It’s an ideal time for meditation or prayer.

Your morning prayer can take many different forms. Use this meditation to help you create your own ritual and prayer. In this meditation, Marc will take your mornings to the next level. 


Middle Pillar Audio Mediation For Healing

This Middle Pillar Meditation for Healing is a powerful guided meditation to help you align to your energy centers, heal your body, and feel the magic that is always inside of you.

In this meditation, Marc offers a peaceful, calming atmosphere to aid and nurture your healing process.


The Spiritual Path To Success Meditation AUdio

Is there a spiritual path to success? Can you achieve the life of your dreams in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way?

In this audio course, Marc Allen will explore and demonstrate all of the basic techniques and lessons for moving from financial and creative struggle to a life of abundance and ease.


The Abundance Meditation

This Meditation will help you create a mindset of success with ease.

Are you ready to manifest your desires in in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way?

Let's begin... Relax, listen, and enjoy!


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Praise for... The Magical Path


I love this group and am so glad I joined. Thank you, Marc, for having it. I have read many of the posts and gained valuable insights from the other participants and you.



Thank you so much, Marc, for this beautiful course and for sharing how magical and simple life can be. I not only had some deep revelations, but have found greater footing in this sacred inner space. I deepened my awareness and understanding as a result of this course. I think the book will be an even greater resource having done the course. Much love... namaste.



The Magical path is very RICH!! I'm very glad to have been the recipient of Marc's wisdom and world view, which totally affirms my own. All the techniques given are great. Furthermore, it's rare and deeply delightful, to listen to someone who feels and communicates so strongly the magical mystery of simply being alive!! Just connecting with one's own Life Force is seriously healing, and if everyone could learn to do that, the world would surely be a happier place.

Thalia , U.S.


I have such gratitude for this awesome experience right in my home, and appreciation for all that helped in making this workshop possible. Many thanks.

Jini , U.S.


I really loved this workshop. The tools are very powerful and yet very simple. This is something that I can apply and do right away and watch the results unfold. This is exactly what I needed. I am so used to complex... and then you just don't actually do it because it is too hard. The fact that Marc has achieved such success and has used these techniques really speaks to their power. Thank you so, so much for this wonderful opportunity. I feel like I have learned tools that I can use to finally create a life that I want to live, that I enjoy.

Rowynn , U.S.


Marc the overwhelming love and support you have within my community is amazing! THEY LOVE YOU! I am just feeling so much gratitude for you and wanted to share that and thank you again for your willingness to share your self and philosophies with people longing to BELIEVE again!



The Magical Path has been a powerful journey, and taken me much deeper than I ever expected. Almost right into the alchemist's cauldron, truth be told.

Magic is happening!



The Magical Path was an amazing learning modality! I cannot express my joy and appreciation enough. The videos, forums, MP3's and community have been life-altering.

Hathi , U.S.


Thank you, Marc, and all participants for the intentions planted, and the energy I have received. If you have not seen profound changes in your life, you will.

The magical path is divine, and surreal.



To receive such powerful teachings in the context of a home retreat, and to be able to integrate them in my everyday life at the same time has been a unique experience for me... I have no words to express the gratitude I feel for this gift!

Martine , France


The whole riddle of life was summed up within a month effortlessly, magically, and lucidly in this course.

Tasiu , Nigeria


The beauty and simplicity of this course, combined with the awesome conviction and delivery of Marc Allen makes for certain magic. This is a man who walks his talk... This is abundance based beauty from within to the outside world, alchemic joy and visualization empowerment. I have found the techniques useful and already change and forward movement manifest more easily. This has cleared blocks and facilitated ease in change.. Loved it!!!!!

Katherine , Australia


Thank you for your wisdom last night. Always very helpful. I saw this quote today and thought about your stories regarding loving and accepting all of life, from one of my favorite mystics: "Try to see a treasure in everyone." – Rumi



I loved Marc Allen's manner of conveying the information. I really appreciated his calm and positive presence, and I found the course easy to follow and practice!

Andrea , U.S.


I liked the breakdown of concepts in The Magical Path, and how they linked together. I think the production of the video was professional and direct. I also felt it was genuine and not staged which is refreshing. The content was directly related to the course! Excellent. The suggested practice sections were useful. I also enjoyed the downloadable meditations. This made it easier to do and also repeat.

Jenn , Australia


I really appreciated the format of this course. It gave me the ability to return to the classes and examine details I may have overlooked.

I loved the connectivity of the forum as well!

Suzanne , U.S


It was a great session – like an oasis of wisdom and peace during these turbulent times. Thank you!



I thoroughly practiced each step, and will continue to do so. I downloaded the meditations and have them for further daily practice. Thank you all for this wonderful course!

Kate , U.S.


This platform was marvelous. I have participated in online learning systems, but to me, this was the most user-friendly and robust.

Clara , U.S.

Praise from Successful Authors

The world needs you to fulfill your financial potential and become a compassionate giver and make-it-happen millionaire. My friend Marc Allen teaches you how to become an 'enlightened millionaire.' I love his brilliant insights.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the
#1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul
and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

It’s like having one of the most magical teachers on the planet quietly sitting with you in your room, showing you how to easily and effortlessly create the life and the world of your dreams.

Arielle Ford, author of Wabi Sabi Love

Marc's unique approach to success and fulfillment is inspiring and surprisingly practical.

Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

Few teachers get my attention like Marc Allen. He has this way about him that is utterly relaxing and believable. He takes lofty success principles and brings them to earth in simple yet compelling ways. 

"I have tried the principles he suggests, and they really work. They will work for you, too.

Alan Cohen, author of A Course in Miracles Made Easy
and Relax into Wealth

About Marc Allen

Marc was a struggling poverty case throughout his twenties, and then he discovered the secrets that transformed his life and paved the way to becoming the author of 18 books and 7 albums of music, and also co-founder and CEO of New World Library, one of the most respected publishing houses in the world.

His ability to crack the code on creating success and doing so with ease has led him to teach workshops and seminars around the world. 

Marc Allen, CEO of New World Library,
Publisher of 1000 titles including books by:

Mother Teresa, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, SARK, Rha Goddess, Joseph Campbell
Alan Watts, Lee Harris, Gay Hendricks, Jose Silva, Henry David Thoreau, Shakti Gawain, 
Kent Nerburn, Alice Walker, Corin Grillo, Valerie Worwood, John Robbins, Dan Millman...

$1 Month trial
Monthly Subscription




THEN $30/MONTH (no contract)

On The Magical Path with Marc Allen

  • TWO - 60-90 Minute Monthly Calls with Marc
  • Monthly Call 1: Teachings on the Magical Path with Marc
  • Monthly Call 2: Meditation, Reflections and Q&A with Marc
  • Dedicated Development Topics for Each Month 
  • Digital copy of The Magical Path book
  • Become a Member of the Exclusive Magical Path Online Community
  • Plus Bonuses - See Below!


  • Copy of The Magical Path book
  • Stress Reduction & Creative Meditations 
  • The First Goal Of Enlightenment & Healing Meditation
  • Copy of The Greatest Secret of All book
  • Morning Meditation
  • Middle Pillar Meditation for Healing
  • The Spiritual Path to Success Meditation
  • Abundance Meditation
  • 25% Off All Courses on + Member Only Surprises and Gifts throughout the year...


On The Magical Path is an ongoing membership program offering a monthly subscription.

You can cancel anytime. (If you decide not to continue,
just let us know and we won't process your subscription payment.)

I’m confident you're going to love working with this magical material every month…
and that, once you begin experiencing its powerful results in your own life,
you’ll want to continue on The Magical Path.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll find this to be one of the best investments in your personal life that you ever made.
If you aren’t completely happy with it for any reason,
you can cancel your membership anytime, with no hassles, no questions asked.

As Alan Cohen put it, “We only want happy money.” :o)

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