My Online Shop is Now Open

Hello friend... I hope you’ve been having a magical Monday.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to our friends in the USA this week — I hope you’ve all created some space & time for yourselves to write down 10 things you are grateful for, as we all know the abundance of magic & power written words hold!

As many of you know, I’m deeply committed to providing you with the best tools & practices (that I’ve been using for many, many years) so you can achieve your highest potential and create the life of your dreams...all with ease!

With the success of this past Black Friday, I felt called to give back and extend this sale to fully support you in realizing your most expansive dreams and fulfilling your true purpose...

So I invite you to take advantage of the extra special & exclusive discounts on my meditation audios and more!

The sale is happening
HERE , tonight (December 9th) for only a few more hours! Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the many savings we've been giving away over the past week...

Embrace the power of NOW and give yourself the opportunity to embark on this journey of self-actualization and fulfillment with me — and most importantly — with yourself!

I believe that within each one of us, there lies a unique, creative genius calling us to turn inwards and open the magical doors for our true purpose to shine as the brightest of lights in this world. 

Remember, your dreams don’t have to be like sand slipping through your hands.

Give yourself the gift of creating a well-paved path for your dreams and future. 

Join me for one of my discounted programs HERE.


P.S. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll happily refund 100% of what you paid, no questions asked, no hassles. (As Alan Cohen said, “We only want happy money.”)

Marc Allen

Marc was a struggling poverty case throughout his twenties, and then he discovered the secrets that transformed his life and paved the way to becoming the co-founder and CEO of New World Library, one of the most respected publishing houses in the world. He is the author of 18 books and 7 albums of music. His ability to crack the code on creating success and doing so with ease has led him to teach workshops and seminars around the world.